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A set of tests using an engine scan computer will locate the source of poor engine performance or running problems. The vehicle’s sensors, fuel pressure and emission systems are all checked by a highly trained ASE Technician.

A necessary part of vehicle maintenance wherein the spark plugs, air filter, and fuel filter are replaced.

Tracing and locating shorts in the vehicle’s electrical system, which includes window motors, door locks, taillights, headlights, and instrument clusters. Due to the complexity of a vehicle’s electrical system, this work is best left to one of our highly trained technicians.

We monitor, maintain, or replace the components of a fuel injection system to keep the vehicle running at optimum performance.

We recommend replacing timing belts as a part of a standard maintenance program. Failure to do so can cause catastrophic engine damage.

The battery is tested for load capacity and the alternator is tested for amp/voltage output to sustain the charge of the battery. Parts are replaced as necessary.

The air conditioning system is checked for leaks, Freon level, and blower volume. Parts are replaced as necessary. When a leak is not detectable upon initial inspection, a dye is used to pinpoint the location.

Requires removal of a vehicle’s transmission to replace a three part clutch assembly that includes pressure plate, disc, and throw-out bearing. The flywheel must also be machined. This is a very time consuming repair.

Using our computerized alignment machine, the technician adjusts and corrects wheel angles.

The shocks and struts control the ride of a vehicle and keep the wheels in contact with the road. Neither shocks nor struts can be repaired and the entire unit must be replaced. The boot covering the CV joint must be inspected for tears or breaks by a trained technician. This will prevent future damage from loss of lubrication.

All brake repairs begin with a thorough inspection to determine which parts or components need replacement or maintenance. Brake fluid is checked at the time of each oil change.

One of our ASE technicians checks the engine cooling system for proper water and antifreeze/coolant level, leaks and proper flow. In order for the cooling system to operate properly, belts must be in good condition and there should be no restrictions.

Today’s vehicles have many computers and these require reprogramming as recommended by the manufacturer. In addition, reprogramming the car’s computer can be a repair or part of a repair.

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    Jim G

    Great service. Very experienced. Honest. Fair price. You can’t beat VAP for a place to take your auto for needed work.

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    Mark is a pleasure to do business with , truly knows his stuff

    Nathan R

    Ive taken my car to VAP a couple times. The first was for a cv axel and the second a motor swap lol. They were understanding of personal problems i was going trough and worked with me all the way trough. For that o cant thank them enough i highly recommend of you are having...

    Terry S

    I was very satisfied with the service i got at VAP. I didn’t have an appointment, but they were able to get my car in right away. I will be using there services in the future.