Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How long will it take to complete the repairs?

We try to complete most repairs the same day. If this is not possible, we will contact you with updates and timeline.

Q.2. How much will it cost?

Our invoices reflect the total cost in parts and labor increments. Labor time is determined by using the Mitchell Labor Guide, which is an industry standard. You can be certain that the parts used were purchased according to your individual needs.

Q.3. My car is running rough. Do I need a tune-up?

In today’s highly sophisticated automobiles, a tune-up is a maintenance type service and normally does not correct running problem. We advise our customers with a running problem to choose an engine diagnostic service in order to address the source of a running problem.

Q.4. Is there a charge to check out my car?

It would depend on the symptoms or purpose. If the inspection is for a used car purchase, we charge according to the extent of inspection. In the case of a particular problem, a fee may be charged based on the type of equipment used and technician’s time.

Q.5. Do I need an appointment for a repair?

An appointment is necessary at VAP Motorsports. If you plan to wait on your vehicle, we do have an air conditioned lobby.