About Us

Who We Are

Who are we? Good question, we’re not the dealer, we’re not the fast lube place and we’re not the big shop down the road who fixes all makes and models, that’s for sure! It can sum it up in one phrase, we are a “Small shop with Big Performance”. We have over 50 years of combined VW, Audi and Porsche experience. So next time someone says ‘those guys do not know what they are doing’, ask them this,  What Kind Of Car Do You Drive? and how long have they been servicing VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche vehicles?

We are a group of folks who own, fix, tune and customize Volkswagens, Audi, BMW and Porsche vehicles. Our technicians received their “factory training” when they used to work for the dealerships. They have received certification from VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche. Hard as they have tried, they have not been able to forget any of this training. Our technicians have received many other manufacture’s “Factory Training” as this is sometimes necessary to buy, sell and install their products. They are also all ASE certified.

VAP Motorsports located in sunny southwest Florida at 4206 Fowler St, Ft Myers FL. VAP Motorsports was formed with one idea in mind, give the VW, Audi, BMW and Porsche owners an alternative enhancement to the dealership. Not to mention personalized service at a fair price. Why go to the dealer and pay more, when we can do it for less!.

Who We Are Not

Please let it be known that we are not affiliated with any new vehicle manufacture, in any way shape or form, including but not limited to Volkswagen of North America, Audi USA or Porsche cars of North America. We do fix, service and repair Volkswagens, Audi, BMW and Porsche vehicles. We do sell OEM parts obtained from authorized Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche dealers and/or distributors. And We do sell and Install performance and custom parts and accessories on Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche vehicles.